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About Turell Painting

Turell Painting is an Ontario based painting company with a rich 40 year history which is currently owned and operated by Kevin Turtle.

At Turell Painting we offer a wide variety of painting services including interior and exterior painting of residential and commercial addresses. If you would like to inquire further about the services we provide you can find more information on our SERVICES page.

Turell Painting's History

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Mike Turtle began his painting apprenticeship at the Southhampton Docks, where he gained experience painting incoming and outgoing boats, docks, and lookout posts.

Continuing his trade, Mike Turtle progressed to painting homes in the U.K. before emigrating to Canada in 1973, shortly before moving his wife and children to Canada in 1974.

For nearly a decade, Mike Turtle continued to work as a painter before establishing and founding Turell Painting in 1984 with business partner, Dieter Ellsperman.

Beginning from humble roots, Mike Turtle and Dieter Ellsperman worked tirelessly to grow their small painting company into a successful business that could sustain future generations of painters to come.

Throughout the rich 40 year history of Turrell Painting, 4th Generation painter Kevin Turtle, son of Mike Turtle, gained the knowledge and experience required to assume leadership of the company in 2011.

Kevin Turtle continues the legacy of Turell Painting by passing on his knowledge and experience with the next generation of painters which includes his son Catlin Turtle,

5th Generation painter.

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